December 27, 2005

Cuba, socialist paradise

via Harry's Place Indymedia (so take that any way you want) has some pictures that where apparently smuggled out of Cuba, theses are not the normal holiday snaps but show a picture of what Communism does, and has done every single time it has been tried, in reducing people to poverty. Capitalism isn't perfect, but it is the best system that we have got.

I don't speak spanish but according to Harry's Place commenter Fabian the comments that come with the pics can be summed up as:
There are four types of comments on the Indymedia website:

1. Trostkists and communists deny that the pictures are real and are very very angry and insult everyone, and demand that the forum be censured.

2. Anarquists are happy about the pictures, because for them Castro is just another dictator, and Cuba is capitalism of state.

3. "Gusanos" speak about Fidel and show the pictures as proof of Cuba's policies.

4. Neonazis insult everyone with a left leaning.
But you can use google to translate and decide for yourself.


Blogger MatGB said...

And the first comment gave my instinctive reaction. Essentially, totalitarian rule is bad, regardless of what excuse the leaders supposedly subscribe to.

But the embargo with what was their biggest trading partner and likely biggest market surely wouldn't help.

I have no doubt the pictures are real; but I've seen similar in London, Paris and LA, look for the worst, you get it. Of course, it may be fairly normal, we can't tell.

I think I'm closest to the anarchists; Fidel is simply left-authoritarian, and authoritarianism is always stupid.

2:14 am  
Blogger Meaders said...

There's plenty enough Trotskyists who'd be closer to the anarchists - here's, eg, Mike Gonzalez on Richard Gott's history of Cuba.

8:52 pm  

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